ZielonaGora PONS - Polish Lowland Sheepdogs

We are a small show and breeding kennel located in rural North Carolina We recently retired and moved from the cold of Connecticut to the warmth of the South! We have been owned by our Polish Lowland Sheepdogs (“PONs”) for the past 18 years and were active in the New England show circuit when we lived in Connecticut.  We hope to return to the show circuit here in North Carolina.

If you are interested in the breed please do give me a call. I am always ready to "talk dogs"! Our kennel currently has threePolish Lowland Sheepdogs. You can see pictures of the Polish Lowlands under the "My PONs" page.  Our current breeding female is Stella from the PONJude Kennel. Stella is a lovely black/white girl who is producing wonderful pups.  Our other adult female is Dottie who comes from our award winner sire CH Zarys Ama Canem and Balkyss.  Both Zarys and Balkyss left us in the fall of 2017.  Our newest member of the clan is Zoe aka Zielonagoras Umber Moonshine who is out of our Stella.  All of our PONs have been shown and are finished champions.   We hope for the same for our newest member Zoe.

Please wander the website and check us out. Hope to get to know you soon! – Chris Gibson
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Christine Gibson, Hillsborough, NC ........ Phone: 860-597-1333 Email: chrisgibs99@gmail.com